Cvijeta Zuric

The Dubrovnik Legacy

Why do we celebrate the name Cvijeta? What have seagulls got to do with love? Who are the most well-known couples in Dubrovnik's history? On the ground level of our museum, you will travel through time while admiring Petra Farac's artistic works and discovering captivating stories from our past.

Music – the sweet language of love

Throughout history, musicians have known how to capture their beloved's hearts. Immerse yourself in the audio world of the most beautiful songs inspired by love.


Game of hearts

We know – you love Game of Thrones, Robin Hood, Star Wars… But, in our museum, you will find hidden love stories integrated into the scenography of the sets that put Dubrovnik on celebrities' maps.

Love collection

There is a function underlying each of our five senses. It enables us to experience love in a variety of ways and forms. Our curated collections of artifacts will demonstrate to you how seemingly insignificant objects may profoundly impact the trajectory of a person's romantic life


The room made of love

Going through our museum, you will find some famous love stories. But, sometimes, it is hard to relate to them. That is why the top floor of our museum offers a unique opportunity to delve into everyday people's love stories. These multicolored hearts contain the tales of our visitors, whose contributions to our collections have become some of the most treasured items in our care.

Visit Love Stories Museum now! It's more than simply a passageway; but a sanctuary for those who believe in the incredible power of love. You'll encounter profound and never-ending love stories and the opportunity to create your own within our walls. Take a moment to consider love's impact on our lives and let our exhibits motivate you to write a love letter or express your feelings to that special someone. In the heart of Dubrovnik lies the true secret of love.